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Caterina Arciprete

We are always much more than what we let leak out. I am wind,  i am what remains of an encounter, the one between ray and leaf. I am Komorebi. I started to draw when I was five years old. I started to meditating when i was five years old. Something happened. My work and my art is in the middle between reality and the energy shapeless. A photo of some details of life and a painting or drawing about the vibes that move the life. A space where to stay without roles, without rules. My art is a way to tell stories. The stories that are in the air and sometimes you don’t see. My artwork is a mix media. I draw/paint what is hidden in my photo. The invisible beat. And the white that you can found is full of opportunities. Everything can happen. The art is just like that for me. A white space. Because white is the color of the soul, that is colorless and shapeless. There lies the heart of the earth, where the gates open for citizens of one and the same planet. From a still point to become a feather, from tuff window to granite boulder, from roots in a stone to angel in a fountain in the park. All in just one drawing, to cross without any fear nor walls but with wide open gates for anyone who knows and is willing to see.

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