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Art Mora is pleased to announce "New Artists" exhibition with twenty-three artists from all over the world from August 12th to September 6th, 2023. This is an annual summer group exhibition for welcoming new artists and giving a chance to local artists in order to unveil their new artworks. During this group exhibition, the gallery will choose only one artist and award a solo exhibition chance in 2024. 

End of the exhibition, we will have an artist talk with young artists and share ideas about what is art. This talk will be led by Justin Pyun and the panel would be Boram Shim, Catherine Lee, Allyson Kim, Lydia Jung, and Mia Valdez. This exhibition is organized by Hyunkyung Lee.  

173 Main St. Ridgefield Park, NJ  USA.     Wed. - Sat. : 12 - 6pm   201-440-0006 

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