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Grace Chun

Born in South Korea, Grace Chun is a burgeoning new talent in the field of abstract art. Displaying a purposeful sense of color and mood, Grace’s abstract painting and portraiture have evoked praise for their beauty, originality, and depth of expression. Grace works in New York City.


I have always had a keen awareness of color in the world. Strong colors and subtle tones beat into my mind like rhythms and lyrics. When light and hues combine on canvas, a celebration of the imagination ensues. I invite the viewer to enter and be present in that space; to contemplate the work for what it is and what it may represent; to awake to the possibility of discovery and understanding.  

-Grace Chun


Recent Exhibition: Dreamin'

December 21, 2018 - January 31, 2019 Art Mora NJ

Almost May 1
Painted Poem #1
Painted Poem #2
Painted Poem #3
Aeolian Palette
Aeolian Palette 2
Almost May 2
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