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Gyeom YOON

Yoon Gyeom is an abstract painter in South Korea. In 2014, he received his degree from the Department of Painting at Daegu University. In 2016, he completed his master's degree at the department of art design at the same graduate school. His paintings originate from his personal experience of childhood and illusion caused by the visual impairment of the left eye that the artist directly experienced. The 'instability' captured by the artist is projected in his endless brushwork and manifested through various images. Since 2014, Yoon has developed his capacity through various group exhibitions and solo exhibitions. He has been awarded at the 2nd Place Camp of Jeju ART-236 and the 13th Young Artist's Remarks organized by Gallery Art World. 

Recent Exhibition: Endless Boundary

March 14, 2019 - April 6, 2019 Art Mora Seoul

an unconquerable mountain
a quiet conversation
an unconquerable mountain
billowing wave
yellow field
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