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Ha Eul’s remarkable photography works occupy the intersection between painting and photography. He
answers through his photography to questions of anguish and presents primal queries about where we
are, which is a question that we constantly ask ourselves as we search for our identity. It is a mistake to
debate whether his answer is right or wrong; his work is clearly valuable because his photography
contains deep philosophical thinking and observation. Because his work is on the border of photography
and realist painting, due to the photos’ blurry water surface, his art proves a basic principle of civilization--namely, that water is needed for the creation of a developed human culture and society.


Art Mora is honored to represent Ha Eul’s photography works. They are beautiful and meaningful, but
not retouched. His visually assertive work inevitably impresses his audience. Viewers are able to discover
new things every time they see the work, which is the beauty of good artwork. His imagery would grant us certain excitements--where we are, how we are blessed--and enlighten our attitude of life, asking us to be humble. His exhibition and publishing catalog would not have been possible without the enthusiastic work of the artist and his supporters.

Review by Jonathan Goodman, Tussle Magazine

Amphibious Project, New York, 2019
Amphibious Eye Project 2011 Normandy _01
Amphibious Eye Project 2014 Chicago _01
Amphibious Eye Project 2014 Amalfi Coast
Amphibious Eye Project 2014 Amalfi Coast
Amphibious Eye Project 2014 Montreux _06
Amphibious Eye Project 2014 Mykonos _11
Amphibious Eye Project 2014 New York _15
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