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Peruvian artist Hector Acevedo studied drawing and painting at the Advanced Autonomous School of Fine Arts (Escuela Nacional Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes del Peru - ENSABAP), Peru. At the same time, he continued his civil engineering studies at the National University of Engineering, Lima, Peru. Both majors involved a particular set of skills that helped Hector to shape his life perspective as a future artist. Between the demands of engineering studies and his passionate commitment to art, Hector chose to work in the field of sculptures, where he found his true satisfaction.


The artist has developed his distinctive style using elements of symbolism and surrealism; he creates dream-like paintings, often containing images of long-necked women, horses, and fishes. The Peruvian art historian, Yessica Hernandez, said about Hector’s works, “In his compositions, the spaces are fragmented and reach their fertile moment in the geometric direction of light. The artist proposes a narrative tour of the work by directing the viewer’s gaze; light becomes the path that then frames synthetically represented houses and human figures with suppressed mouths and gazes that stand in a seductive, front and footing way, on top of endless feminine necks modeled by lines that form curves.”


Hector has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in his native Peru and beyond. The artist has numerous awards and distinctions; top places in the Ninth and Eighth National Coca Cola Painting Contest, Peru, and several Honorable Mentions in various art competitions and exhibitions, among many others. His works are in private collections in Peru and other countries.

UN DIA DE VERANO - Oleo sobre tela de 80 x 1.20 Mt
Amazonas II,Técnica mixta de 70cm x 80cm
SUEÑO DE VERANO II óleo sobre tela de 100x80 cm.
CABALLO AL VIENTO bronce patinado de 43 (HEIGHT) x48 (WIDTH) x31(DEPTH) CM
MALABARISTA - Bronce patinado- 42 (HEIGHT) X 21 (WIDTH) X 23 (DEPTH)
Cabeza de Caballo - Escultura de Bronce - ( 35 Cm Alto, 13 Cm Ancho, 21 Cm Profundidad)
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