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Jessica Ziegler

As a native New Yorker surrounded by the incredible variety and energy of the city, I generally seek out the details and ‘small moments’ when light and shadow reveal unexpected beauty in ordinary objects.  My paintings often incorporate dramatic light and perspective to expose the craft and subtle colors of easily overlooked elements of the urban environment.  

Jessica Ziegler is a New Yorker who has studied painting and drawing at the New York Academy of Art, the Art Students League, 92N and the New York School of the Arts.  In 2016 she left a career in technology to become a professional artist.  Having grown up in a family of artists, she attributes her appreciation of three-dimensional form and the built environment to her father, an architect and sculptor; and her love of light and color to her mother, a painter.  Her work has been seen in a number of juried shows and received awards in many competitions.

Ziegler_Bethesda Fountain_12x12_Oil_$900 (1)
Ziegler_railing and cerulean sky_12x12_$900 (1)
Ziegler_Cast Iron Bridge IV_12x9_$850 (1)
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