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Jihye PARK

The beginning of my series of paintings was abandoned dogs.

One day, while I was researching, a painting caught my attention. Inside the narrow cage, there was a small white puppy with dirty hair. The eyes seem to be eagerly waiting for someone. Since then, I have become interested in abandoned animals and started painting about them.

I tried to express their eagerly eyes and hoped to people can communicate with abandoned dogs through my paintings.

I wanted to show that there are many prejudices against abandoned dogs, but they are no different from companion dogs. They also deserve to be loved...

The beginning was an abandoned dog, but recently I started to paint about companion animals with their family’s arms. I painted the lovely sympathy between babies and animals so people can feel comfortable when they appreciate my paintings.


The subject and technique of painting are mostly embroidered Oriental paintings. When I drew a baby with a bright colors , I added three-dimensional embroidery, studs, and beads to a flat painting to break the monotony so that I could also improve my completeness.

이소_72.7x72.7cm_광목에 채색, 자수_2019
메리_2018_광목에 채색, 자수_72.7x72.7cm _2018
듀이_60.6x60.6cm_린넨에 채색, 자수_2019
아기와 고양이_100x80cm_광목에 수묵담채_2020
라떼_53.0x65.1cm_광목에 수묵담채, 자수_2018
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