Jungwoo HONG

Jungwoo Hong is a painter and a printmaking artist based in Seoul, South Korea. Having a background in psychology and fine art, his paintings investigate the human mind and its habits. Each of his paintings begin as doodles and evolve through a process of sketches and explorations into final works. He has participated in numerous exhibitions from Korea and Austria, to Japan and China, and has received awards such as the 7th International Triennial of Graphic Art Bitola, the 16th Space International Print Biennial in Seoul, Korea, and the 2nd Guanlan International Print Biennial in Shenzhen, China.


Upcoming: Unreadable Diary

June 15 - July 12, 2019 ART MORA New Jersey

뿌연풍경 2018-23_80x80cm
몸이기억하는 풍경 2018-7_100x100cm_판넬(캔버스천)에 혼합재
뿌연풍경 2018-30_130.8x162.7cm
몸이기억하는 풍경 2018-12_100x100cm_판넬(캔버스천)에 혼합
뿌연풍경 2018-26_80x80cm
뿌연풍경 2018-29_130.8x162.7cm
뿌연풍경 2018-28_130.8x162.7cm
몸이기억하는 풍경 2018-5_100x100cm_판넬(캔버스천)에 혼합재
몸이기억하는 풍경 2018-8_100x100cm_판넬(캔버스천)에 혼합재
몸이기억하는 풍경 2018-11_80x80cm_판넬(캔버스천)에 혼합재료
몸이기억하는 풍경 2018-14_80x80cm_판넬(캔버스천)에 혼합재료
Landscape my body remembered 2017-7
Landscape my body remembered 2017-5
Landscape my body remembered 2017-3
Cloudy Landscape 2018-6
Cloudy Landscape 2018-7
Cloudy Landscape 2018-9
Cloudy Landscape 2018-1