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Victor C. Pamias

Victor Campos was born in Barcelona in 1976. His drawing related to music and nature and he inspired by the universe of forms that are identical to the force of life.  

His drawings are mainly abstract, they allow him to explore his expressive power and inner needs, always creating and combining new forms and integrating with each other, what it means to be able to be and live together. A constant search for balance and beauty traces the path to reach, as far as possible, the harmony. 


January 18 - February 19, 2019  Art Mora Seoul

olympic Games 2017
Favorite Game 2015
Navigating in Good Weather 2014
Abstract Composition II 2017
Night Moves 2017
Three Black Circles 2015
In Secret Harmony 2017
Black and White Series(Pink Accent)
Landscape IV 2015
Four Movements and Rest Position
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