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Art Mora is pleased to announce Hee Sook Kim’s solo exhibition “Everlasting Playground” from April 29th through June 10th, 2023. In the exhibition, four paintings from her Everlasting Playground series (2021 - 2023), three paintings from the Medicinal Garden series (2021 - 2022), two paintings from the Nirvana Series (2019), and one large painting from her Paradise Between series (2015 - 2017) will be shown. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, April 29th from 5pm and the artist will attend. 

Hee Sook Kim is a Korean-born American painter and printmaker based in Philadelphia, PA. Kim paints what she has experienced, what she feels, and what she wants to commemorate. Kim’s paintings are like a diary because she regularly goes out to enjoy the beauty of nature and then comes back to her studio where she paints what she experienced there. Also, Kim’s paintings are similar to Jeong Seon’s work (Korean: 겸재 정선) (1676 – 1759) because so much of it is landscape painting.  Kim’s paintings show the strong influence of traditional Joseon Dynasty painting because of elements that are used and the composition of the painting. However her painting technique and vivid color selection comes from Western culture.


173 Main St. Ridgefield Park, NJ  USA.     Wed. - Sat. : 12 - 6pm   201-440-0006 

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