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Bill Pangburn

Bill Pangburn studied fine arts at the Phillips-Universitaet, Marburg an der Lahn, Germany; Tulane University (BA), New Orleans, LA; and Pratt Institute (MFA), Brooklyn, NY.


Pangburn, a longtime resident of Tribeca, New York’s venerable art neighborhood, belongs to the tradition of the New York School. Sixty years old, he represents the still-vital energies of a legacy some might feel is moribund. While Pangburn has some connection with the Abstract-Expressionist legacy, he remains his own person—a necessary stance if an artist’s work is related to a practice that was established in the middle of the last century. In a post-postmodern environment, pluralism holds sway, and a major criterion for success in art has to do with maintaining the excellence of a chosen style. The trick is to maintain a balance between the old and the new, and this is something the artist does extremely well.  

-by Jonathan Goodman @ Brooklyn Rails


A professional artist who works in painting, printmaking, and installations, he is currently an adjunct professor for studio art at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and the director of the Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery at John Jay College.


Upcoming Exhibition:

Hudson Currents: Bill PANGBURN

September 27 - October 26, 2019



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