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  Hyemin Lee uses daily objects representative of forgotten traditions or memories from her personal history to create her works. Lee sews together old pieces of fabric and cloth, which compose of mostly discarded traditional Korean garments, to make miniature pillows. She also assembles wooden pieces from worn-out frames, cheap paper or plaster bandages and casts them together into one lively and coherent work of art. 


  Hyemin Lee studied Sculpture in Seoul National University, after which she completed her MA at NYU. She held solo exhibitions at a number of galleries in several cities, including Seoul and New York. She also participated in group shows at Art Basel Hong Kong (2016), Jeonbuk Province Art Museum (2016), KIAF, Seoul (2016), Busan Art Fair (2016), Sylvia Ko Gallery, NY(2014), and more. Lee frequently travels around and works in both Korea and the USA.

White Dream 01
White Dream 01 (detail)
Pillows 01
Pillows 03
Pillow Series, 2015, Fabric on canvas framed, 18.2 x 4.4 inches
Hyemin LEE
Seeds 03
Paper Pillow Series I
Paper Pillow Series II
Pillow Series
Large Color Pillow Series
White Shadow_S2
White Shadow_S1
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